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verb – Planting Seeds

Mapuche – indigenous language and people from South America

As society evolves, we become conscious of our decisions and their impact on everyday life.  People are caring more about the environmental, social and health impacts of the products and produce we consume.  As such, the food industry is constantly evolving in response to this customer awareness by sourcing food from ethical and renewable resources while focusing on the importance of quality and taste.

Fënn Foods aims aim to help customers make the right decisions, by supplying the most ethically sourced and delicious foods at an affordable price.  Along this journey, our products will evolve.  We may not be able to get everything perfect the first time, but with your support we will strive to make the Fenn Foods vision a reality.

Alejandro Cancino
Fënn Foods

Fënn Foods Ethos

Our mission is to bring to the consumers the most ethically sourced and delicious plant based products.

1. Produce delicious food
2. All products are 100% plant based
3. Work towards environmentally friendly practices
4. Be a healthier alternative
5. NO GMO’s
6. Source local & organic produce when possible
7. Give back to society

Our Products


Fenn Foods Mayonnaise




Fenn Foods

Our humble beginnings

Welcome to Fënn as we are today.  Our office is located in our garage, a humble beginning. Here we try to capture our visions and inspirational ideas and turn them into reality.

Fenn Foods

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